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Mark Your Calendar!

Friday, February 27 to Sunday, March 1, 2015 at Achs Rink - Friends, Fun and Food.

Saturday, August 5, 2015, Community Day In The Park at W.W. Ashley Park.

Watch this space for information about other upcoming events.

Debate about Infill Housing


On Monday [9:00 a.m., City Council Chamber] at the Standing Policy Committee on Planning, Development and Community Services there will be a debate about new regulations meant to provide better limits on the size of new infill housing being built in older neighbourhoods, particularly the height and depth of the homes.

This is proving to be a contentious set of guidelines, and I hear from many residents who feel that especially along the property line that new houses should not be able to tower over their neighbours so much - or go so deep into the backyards.

Over several years a set of guidelines has been negotiated that still provide significant flexibility to homebuilders, but that will control the size of the buildings to some degree.  There have been house designers, homebuilders, and neighbourhood residents all actively involved in extensive discussions to develop these guidelines.

There is about 90% agreement on what is being proposed, the only outstanding issue is what proportion of the lot depth new buildings should be built to.  There are a few people in the development community who are putting up opposition to this which is making it difficult to get a set of guidelines in place at all.

The agenda package for the meeting shows some different diagrams showing what can be built under the current rules, what is being proposed, and what a couple of developers have asked for as an alternative.  You can see these diagrams starting at page 148 of the agenda.

If there was any time to have those interested in some better controls on the size of infill houses relative to their neighbours - this meeting is key …

From a message send by Councillor Charlie Clark to the QEXCA Board.

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