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Mark Your Calendar!

Saturday, April 30, 3:30 p.m., Le Choeur des Plaines invite you to their free 25th Anniversary Concert at Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens Church, 1007 Windsor St.  For information and tickets call 306 343-9460.

Guest artists are Michael Harris, who lives and works in the Queen Elizabeth neighbourhood, and Henri Loiselle, who started performing at St. Peter’s College in Munster, Saskatchewan.

samedi, le 30 avril à 15h30, Le Choeur des Plaines vous invite à son concert du 25ième anniveraire, Église Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens, 1007 rue Windsor.  Entrée gratuite.  Artistes invitées: Michael Harris et Henri Loiselle.  Billets et informations – 306 343-9460.

Sunday, May 1, City of Saskatoon neighbourhood curb-to-curb street-sweeping starts, if the weather cooperates.  Signs will guide you to move your vehicles off the road.

Thursday, May 26 St. Frances Annual Cree Language Festival 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. St. Frances School front lawn.

Friday, June 17 St. Frances Cree Bilingual School will be hosting Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools’ Annual Powwow Thornton Park.

Watch this space for details about these and other upcoming events.

I am the Bridge


It’s okay to talk about racism!
Everyone can ‘be the bridge’ to ending racism in Saskatoon by generating ideas of inclusion among residents of the city.
The City of Saskatoon wants to encourage and invite you to talk about racism and ways to eliminate it by sharing videos of your experiences and messages of inclusion.
Racism is a global issue, not unique to Saskatoon. Racism is influenced by a range of historical, social, political and economic factors. It takes different forms in different contexts. An understanding of the nature of racism is essential in order to recognize and counter it successfully.
Share your personal story and messages by answering three questions:
1. What does racism mean to you?
2. How have you experienced racism?
3. I am the bridge to ending racism in Saskatoon by…
You can answer these questions by recording a video on any mobile device (Apple or Android) or computer with a webcam using the OneStory application.  Collected personal stories will be woven together to create a final video and public education campaign that will include billboards and social media posts.
Choose to be the bridge. Share your story. Visit OneStory today.

Protect Our River!


Water from your street drains directly to our river – UNTREATED.

Eight actions you can take to help keep our river clean:
·         Wash your car at a carwash to prevent soap from entering storm drains.
·         Scoop your dog’s poop and put it in the garbage.
·         Take hazardous household chemicals to designated drop-off locations.
·         Fertilize lawns and gardens naturally with compost, grass cuttings, and topsoil.
·         Keep insects away with natural predators such as birds (houses), ladybugs (leaf litter), spiders (leave webs), and bats (boxes).
·         Pull weeds by hand or host a weed pulling party.
·         Sweep dirt and sediment onto the lawn not the street.
·         Fix car leaks so fluids don’t get washed down the storm drains.

Yellow Fish RoadTM
Help build awareness by painting storm drains in your neighbourhood with a yellow fish and the words “rainwater only” This helps remind your friends and neighbours that what goes down our storm drains affects our river.  Contact the Girl Guides to borrow a painting kit and get involved.

Spring Street Sweeping Blitz

The Spring Street Sweeping Blitz is underway.  The blitz is designed to collect the bulk of the debris left behind over winter, which in turn increases efficiency and cost effectiveness of the City Wide Neighbourhood Sweeping program.  The Blitz will also remove sand and debris from medians where snow was stored.  Sweepers will go around parked vehicles during the Blitz program; parking enforcement will not be applied.

To Prevent Vehicle Break-in and Theft


"Lock your vehicle!  Don’t leave anything in it!"
Inspector Brian Shalovelo, Officer in Charge, East Division
More Crime-prevention suggestions from the Saskatoon Police Service.

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2016-2017 school year has begun.  You may register your child for kindergarten in the fall if he/she will be five years old by January 31, 2017.  For more information contact:
the St. Frances School office at 659-7310 or
the Queen Elizabeth School office at 306 683-7420

Maternelle à temps plein

Les enfants âgés de 5 ans au 31 décembre sont admissibles à la maternelle de l’École canadienne-française.
L’école offre une maternelle à temps plein avec entrée progressive au besoin.  Contactez l’école au 653-8498 pour plus de renseignements.

Got Graffiti?

Please report it to the Police 306 975-8300.  The sooner you clean it up, the less likely it is for more to appear.
Or, if it is on someone else’s property, call 306 975-2828.

Bénévoles Recherchés

Nous sommes à la recherche de bénévoles pour appuyer les élèves de l’élémentaire avec la lecture et les mathématiques.

2016 Canada Census

March to July, 2016 Canada Census – Job Opportunities.

Learn to Camp

Saskatchewan Parks is now making it easier than ever for first time campers to experience the outdoors through our Learn to Camp Program.  Find more information on our Programs page.